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The copper pipe heat exchanger
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  Apply for multiple refrigerants,such as R22、R134a、R32、R290、R407c and R410a etc.. The inner tube with spiral manifold optimization, inner tube inside added a liner, so that heat efficiency and compression capability for high heat exchanger. The inner pipe and the outer pipe are tightly sheathed,and hot and cold fluid flow reversely inside and outside the inner tube casing respectively and heat exchange generates.

  ◆ The flow of heat from a long spiral, forcing the fluid to do a spiral like flow - that is, forced turbulence. This makes it possible to have a higher heat transfer coefficient than the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, especially for viscous fluids. Spiral tube features: thread depth (H), thread pitch (A) are adjustable, heat transfer efficiency is 3.5 times the light pipe. Many parameters influencing heat transfer, outer diameter, inner diameter, wall thickness, helix number, pitch, helix angle (from normal angles), line width and height, and the spiral groove of spiral groove, a total of 8 or more variables. Any change of the variables will not only affect the size of the inside and outside area, most of the variables will affect the heat transfer coefficient, leading to changes in heat exchange.

  ◆ Fouling Due to internal spiral tube full arc flexible transition structure,no dead angle existed,self cleaning and anti-fouling ability is good.

  ◆ Pressure resistance Internal spiral tube structure is very easy to unload,which make the spiral pipe not easy to freeze.As the weakest link is the spiral pipe transition for the smooth tube or the part by refrigerant vertical impact,a thick liner tube is added at the most weak inner tube,which is a good method

  ◆ Water quality The spiral tube wall is thicker than conventional tube,while water side of the channel area is large,and is not easy to be blocked,usable in wide range of water quality.

  ◆ Working Temperature -195- +200℃.

  ◆ Working Pressure -3.5-5.0MPa.

  ◆ Water Pressure drop ≤50Kpa.


  Material In general,the outer tube material use carbon steel.The inner tube is made of copper,copper nickel alloy,titanium,stainless steel.Copper tube is used for fresh water or cooling water,copper nickel alloy used in surface water and sea water,salt water,while titanium used in corrosive application such as swimming pool water,stainless steel tube in medicine,food and other special industry. According to the need,also other metal products are available.


  The shape available with trombone,square,round,can be connected in series,parallel,and also be used for dual coils to meet the requirements of large capacity unit.

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