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Refrigerator export sales market trends and on Triumphant news keeps pouring in.
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
There are special insights into the Jiangyin England water heater Co. Ltd for freezers export sales and market Triumphant news keeps pouring in.
Training textbooks (training textbooks (pure water station refrigerator compressor) - two production workshop production workshop two 2006-04------- 2006-04-14 water softener system produced in 1 assembly processing process, raw water pretreatment system, softening system, reverse osmosis system, fine water tank 2 water desalination system, terminal production assembly process by the foundation of reputation raw water booster pump into the fine sand filter, removal of particulate impurities and colloid. Slowly open the evaporator oil return valve and the fuel valve at the same time start the pump to pump oil to the separator. --9 takes out the sealing cover of the Yin and Yang rotors in the suction end seat. -3-2 body and rotor wear is too large to be changed or in accordance with the actual situation of single. If the unit is unloading sideways, press this button to set the operation load before on/off in line mode.
The requirements of the refrigeration oil are as follows:. If the suction pressure is low, it may be leaking refrigerant sector. --2 removing energy determination mechanism of the components without fault can be removed whole remove the protective cover and remove the 2 gasket base plate, potentiometer potentiometer, elastic coupling screw and remove the cylinder cover. Wearing the mask and adjust the location for deep breaths to confirm the air tightness and the internal parts can work properly before entering the contaminated area. And the compression of the oil at the same time because of the pressure difference and spray into the compressed chamber and chamber gas assimilation.
Viscosity: the viscosity of the oil is a major feature of the oil characteristics, the use of different refrigerants to respond to the choice of different refrigeration oil. When the pressure control valve to open the new year night across the liquid high temperature and partial discharge temperature will drop very low or even break up in a large amount of oil accumulation of liquid ammonia from the mirror to see the oil level rise at this time should be shut in valve until the exhaust temperature returned to normal. 3 daily check to observe oil level, oil temperature, oil pressure is normal. Put the oil: the refrigerator compressor had fallen down, the export process, cut down, and the pressure in the process of operating system will be fully out of oil. Set the value of the use of electronic control. 3 ambulance 3- urgent floor ammonia when the first way 3-- happens the operator must be calm and cool, don't panic to avoid indiscriminate or staggered machinery and equipment on the valve cause things to further expand. Brief introduction of steam vapor compression chiller includes four main component of compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, Department of measurement assembly form), these machines can achieve different refrigerants. -5- to "load / minus load" knob to reduce the load position for the liquid valve. -5-4 cut off the unit power supply -6 automatic shutdown operation unit is equipped with automatic protector when the pressure, temperature and current across designated scale controller action is time Oh, who immediately showed moderate compressor parking lamp fault instrument control cabinet or group vitality on the light signal failure of the site.
2: start 1 chiller operation start cooling water, water pump, water supply to the condenser evaporator 2 check open exhaust valve of compressor, liquid supply valve 3 according to the start button 4 first drive when the compressor is activated, the adjustment of thermal expansion valve, adjustment of thermal expansion valve superheat, recommended to 4 - 6 degrees, 5 search exhaust pressure, condensing pressure, evaporating pressure, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, air temperature, current, temperature and mechanical departments, mechanical operation of sound is normal, working for the same before the operator should pay attention to the situation, and constantly adjust. Ammonia pump through the process of specialized fuel valve to intervene, the operation should be through the process of closing or closing the small compressor suction valve, so that the low pressure (suction pressure) in 0 or less when the oil inhalation.

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