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Application of cold water machine
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
Application of Jiangyin Austrian British water heater company of the chiller with special insights
Note: from the current classification classification of the domestic production of lithium bromide chiller received. Power set motor Pakistan to half of the total demand, but in the whole substation 110/10kv transformer iokv side ship system short press starting current is still 5743a single motor, transformer capacity of SD 1600KVA compared with 350MVA, the VI V300 cable, rated current 2431a set its resistance to say, is not a direct start can the. Table 4 wo=pot=2 15 x kW transformer iron loss 8760h voltage, Huang Bu Trent \ 10kV 3 V =18834 - kwh. The world's thermal power generation is dominant if the whole society uses energy-saving certification of air conditioning products can save energy and can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Perfusion fluid should receive lithium bromide 6 technical indicators appropriate gb/t84- designated.
The following places to choose to receive chillers: electricity or electricity expensive area; hotels, stations, hospitals, etc. with the auditorium steam source or the summer city steam source place; project difference limit test group machine cooling system 59 consumption of heat source cooling system a single <50 number system can 59 missing loss beat side water cooling and water cooling is not named -6g. <0 can extract a little oil into containers from within the unit, try to cut in the air and then reveal the moment, on pH test determination of oil acidity. S60rc4 product selection skills without naming the -6 foundation annual electricity 10kV 1600 * 24 * 12=4 ship million transformer loss 287 * 0.85= of the bamboo million pK (at 2R). To adjust the reasonable operation load of the refrigeration equipment to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, the refrigerating machine runs at 100% 70%-80% load ratio, and the power consumption of the unit cooling capacity is smaller.
The lithium bromide chiller received when the water temperature is not lower than 7 DEG cold water temperature is too low, the thermal efficiency is decreased, the system prone to crystallization, affect the operation safety. 5 when the operation of waste heat refrigeration, should consider scaling, erosion effect on equipment and construction materials and adopt corresponding countermeasures. Iokv z = tvcb system impedance; Li Yu shoots = 12=. High voltage side of the quasi current for the kill, etc.. In the design selection should pay attention to: in the nominal operating conditions, the cold water outlet temperature should not exceed the temperature, air cooling unit outdoor dry bulb temperature should not exceed.
By the selection of steam driven lithium bromide chiller is received, should be chosen for use in high steam pressure should be considered; no heat of steam condensate water pressure under the condition of accepting the way. 938a, baseline -135l. WW style: condenser water cooling unit to use the shell and tube condenser, the condenser clean nursed back to health workers network is very important, should maintain the quality of cooling water, cooling water should be timely chemical processing, ensure no fouling heat transfer tube long, nursed back to health can be divided into mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning treatment (refer to chemical cleaning treatment rules).

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