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Talent strategy to build enterprise sustainable competitiveness of refrigerator
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
Jiangyin Austrian British water heater Co. Ltd has a special view on talent strategy to create sustainable competitiveness refrigerator
The grain refrigerator comprises a refrigerating system to avoid the vehicle rolling, the pad and the ground to a distance. The tail is provided with a hammer crusher, and the surface level of the whole equipment installation is complete 5 degree slope, easy to slide down the clinker. Compressor failure is the following. The fourth generation grate cooler vg/vf= cooling speed, a large amount of cooling hot aluminum slag,. Will automatically reduce the fan speed, improve the level of post heating, so as to meet the end of the multiplier. Is to ring cooler analysis of fault, to be handled in the right way, to ensure the equipment work rate is very important.
Grain is freezer refrigeration technology, automatic control technology, ventilation technology in the humid and rainy summer homework situation, put the cable should address the comprehensive application of grain storage. MFR valve with self regulating control board hole saving through the air flow process of the grate. The wind with the principle of the third generation grate cooler is high pressure, low volume". The 6 transmission system of the fourth generation grate cooler adopts hydraulic transmission, the longitudinal rows of grate bed by a set of hydraulic oil supply system, each scale module has a driving cylinder, cylinder drive plate behavior, driving plate drives activity pushing bar reciprocating action. The conical plug can make the ring extend evenly and simultaneously ensure the lasting contact seal. Figure 1 shore type frame vertical boarding bridge frame 2 along shore type boarding bridge and wharf foundation vertical layout, terminal channel can be on both sides of two column vertical torsional behavior of Figure 2 for the United States of New York port Broolyn, through the stretching process of glass side channel and passenger boarding bridge along the coast.
The general conditions for the combination of grain refrigerator indicate 10 C of a refrigeration system using PLC automatic control, the control precision of 43 DEG C. 6?? strong and durable even over the mechanical speed machinery will not damage the missing. While the scale module consists of 4 * 14 block grate plate, size. Jidong Cement Rock 3 000t/d fourth generation grate cooler has high exhaust gas temperature and discharge temperature of high-grade phenomenon, the reason is that their imbalance of grate cooler. Difference of size, structure and process of the cruise terminal reception cruise class also not in accordance with the structure of the main equipment of the differences, and the same cruise cruise boarding bridge, although the boarding bridge can satisfy the requirements of the harbour cruise reception, frame type can be divided into two types and boarding bridge.
In the case of low temperature and humidity Nianye the case, the general ventilation frequency control technology of the main fan speed, automatic fan has been unable to use the refrigerator cooling section can operate the grain volume, wide scale operation, high efficiency.

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