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Comparison of hot water project
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
1, fuel oil and gas boiler hot water project: with the advantages of fast heating, a large amount of water, but it is as fuel to oil and gas, need fuel pipeline, must pass through the fire safety inspection, with unsafe factors in the process of using, the combustion process will produce pollution to the surrounding air, fuel oil and gas boiler special needs room, indoor space occupation, need special management in use, and the boiler regularly to the technical supervision departments of the inspection. Compared with the heat pump hot water unit, its operation cost is higher.
2, electric hot water boiler hot water project: has the advantages of convenient use, can adapt to any changes in the weather, but need special room, indoor space occupation, easy scaling, operation process of the power consumption greatly, causes a great waste of energy, the high cost of operation. Now the market of new electric water heater built-in magnesium anode descaling device solves the product easily scaling problems, but magnesium anode must be replaced every two years, brought trouble to the maintenance.
3, heat pump water heater hot water engineering: weather conditions limit, but affected by the temperature is relatively large, does not occupy the indoor space, without any problems in the running process of the system, the absolute safety and environmental protection, long service life of 15 years, stable performance, can realize unmanned operation (automatic intelligent control)
4, the electromagnetic energy hot water heater Engineering: engineering type electromagnetic heater, not affected by temperature, weather effects, no occupation of indoor space, the installation area of small, supporting engineering: tank insulation and wall machine, hot water of 55 DEG C cost only 3 yuan per ton, water temperature 15 C, 40 C. Heating speed is the fastest in all water heaters 75 minutes / ton, the system does not heat pump high pressure, low pressure and other faults, the system is simple, fast installation, -40 DEG C environment, as long as the voltage is normal, hot water as long as 5 yuan / ton.

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