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How to choose the cooling machine
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
Jiangyin Austrian British water heater Co. Ltd. should make the choice of cooling machine with special insights?
Vacuum rapid cooling machine has the advantages of fast cooling speed, cooling temperature, cooling process, health and safety and many other benefits, vacuum rapid cooling machine has become a cooked food products manufacturing enterprises will not be less technical equipment. Oiltech produces all kinds of gas and liquid cooler, heat exchangers, pump, motor, pressure switch, accumulator, radiator, oil filter, air compressor, piston accumulator, control instruments. In the normal burning when suddenly the wind under the grate cooler with the poor will immediately affect the operation to the kiln to bring certain difficulties. Bag dust collector is back into the raw material in the kiln with high humidity generally all of the libraries in contrast to distinguish raw materials. When the brick and the brick lined brick, the gap is 2-3 mm transverse joints between the rings is 5-6 mm for refractory strength coefficient of expansion Nianye suitable for high temperature at 1750-1900 degrees low temperature is not less than 1420-1500 degrees Celsius or disappeared to magnesia brick so cold and hot.
Practice for dry kiln differentiation five stage cyclone preheater kiln grate cooling machine basically has the following content for the kiln operation in the special attention and make a lot of place and identity. 8 leakage zipper machine 1 link material should not be less than ZGMn 13cr2 jc401 in the delineation of the relevant. To pay attention to ventilation situation at kiln head and tail wind, coal preheater and cooler, electric dust, bag dust, raw material, exhaust fan, etc. the coal mill do think, Qin seeing all the equipment running process unchanged, clear operating practices at any time during the calcination.
Therefore, this business opportunities led to the growth of the domestic vacuum cooling machine market. High cost of equipment (two systems for air and water);. 1 weld without cracking, the general situation of paint without foaming off. Or other reasons caused by the thickness of raw material city is not easy to burn so high free calcium. 2 departments: operation time, clinker grate hammer crusher and temperature material zipper machine is 8 hours. The 1, brush 1, 1 sets of needle. Gear wear at the thickness of the circle does not cross the 0.24M (m- gear modulus), otherwise the face or change. 2 when installing the half shaft coupling, use flame method to preheat the coupling hole to 120 degrees. 2 bearing lubrication, oil groove depth of not less than 0.5mm, and not across the shaft bearing clearance.
Cooked food vacuum rapid cooling machine can eliminate excess calories in food or cooking sterilization after the first time, so that in 20~30 minutes, the average cooling rapidly, thereby reducing and restrain the breeding of microorganisms, bacteria, keep the original color, flavor and delicious products and nutritional ingredients, through the process of packaging process so as to delay the food shelf and shelf life.

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