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Air source water heater production growth
source:Aoying time:2017-03-10
Jiangyin Austrian British water heater Co. of air source water heater production increased significantly with special insights
Electric water heater has increased rapidly in recent years, with the solar energy source for the air heater market erosion. Pressure switch: dip is operation pressure control, pressure more than 8PA pressure switch when the flue outlet blocked to prevent the flue gas is not accessible protective effects. 15- meters should be fixed with a bracket. 1 cubic meters of natural gas about the need for complete combustion. The temperature of the hot water temperature regulating knob on the panel by setting realistic water temperature by thermal resistance measurements in the heat exchanger outlet. K (closed) water cycle and the distance between the gas repression. The water flowing through the heat exchanger in the heating pipe is heated by the high temperature of the flame. Condensing gas boiler is through the process of the two heat exchanger full gas combustion products received in flue gas sensible heat and latent heat of water vapor, gas calorific value refers to the heat from 1nm3 gas combustion.
But the air source water heater has its own strong market fundamentals, but the air source water heater has its own strong market fundamentals, coupled with the west east gas pipeline along the city market, the short term air source water heater water heater will occupy market share will still have large market share most of the water heater. The 2 sensing element commonly used water heater inductive components flame ion induction needle, thermocouple, temperature controller, micro switch and reed or Holzer will reflect the dip is the water heater work related information into electrical signals in order to achieve the state condition of water heater control. 3 implementation of the components of the safety control system in the implementation of the main components of the solenoid valve is one of the key components of the automatic water heater gas and gas to open the way to open the blockade. The absolute temperature of unit K and unit degrees Celsius temperature although different but the temperature rise of delta t25k and delta T25 C is the same.
In the short term, the air source water heater will occupy the market share of the water heater. The following are not included in the opening part of the scale: a) or a single fixed window sash sliding window of the fixed installation sector on windows; b) in the projection window or door size but always in appliance using closed; c) double fan sash in the installation of smoke tube can not move the Department; D) with anti reflux gate mouth ventilation. 313 exhaust manifold. Activities: shopping roadshow, with the promotion.

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